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Chris Morton-Firth


Chris Morton- Firth was one of the founders of Trinity Medical Properties. The company  developed 32 state of the art medical centres and five pharmacies throughout the UK and was subsequently sold to Assura Group PLC for a figure which valued the company at £62.5 million. During the period Trinity became one of the leading private specialist development companies in the UK frequently winning national competitions for its innovative medical centre designs whilst working closely with the Chief Executive’s Office of the Valuation Agency to ensure value for money for the NHS

Before establishing Trinity in the north of England Chris and a colleague set up Primary Health Care Centres Limited and developed 20 medical centres.

As one of the founders and main shareholders of London based MIP PLC Chris was responsible for the development of one of the largest food retail stores in the north of England at the time (Safeway – Argyle Stores).  In addition under his directorship the company developed 16 industrial estates around the M25 including the Watford Metro Centre a 100% non-recourse funding of £15 million with Alliance and Leicester Building Society one of the first major commercial property deals by a building society in UK. Further prestige developments followed included the Dorchester Town Tesco and Football stadium.

Chris Morton-Firth

Terence Mundy


Terence Mundy is a pioneer of privately funded primary health care developments in the UK He was one of the founders of Primary Health Care Centres and Trinity Medical Properties. He also spent time as a consultant to Brackley Investments. Terence worked closely with the UK National Health Service (NHS) at the highest level to work out ways and means of delivering modern primary health care facilities within the NHS guidelines.  He was in constant consultation with the principal officers of the District Valuers department of the Inland Revenue who are guardians of the public purse and on each and every project need to be satisfied that the design and construction meet their criteria and provide best value for money.

Terence has been responsible together with his colleagues for the development of more than fifty new medical centres ranging from a small two GP unit in the far north of Scotland to units throughout the UK bringing together a number of medical practices under one roof.  Each practise preserved its own identity but facilities such as minor surgery suites were shared.

Terence was a Director of MIP plc which developed some sixteen industrial estates, two major retail superstores and a major business park which was a joint venture development with a UK building society. 

Prior to entering the world of business Terence was a solicitor and senior partner with the London firm of solicitors Tarlo Lyons.

Sonya Morton-Firth


Sonya has over twenty years experience of property investment experience. Her present role with Electra covers research and marketing. Prior to joining Electra she had an extensive career in the financial services industry.

John Sample C.Eng; M.I.Struct.E.


John is a structural and chartered engineer and has had considerable experience in all aspects of building from inception through design and construction to completion covering all types of projects including retail centres, medical buildings, hospitals, churches, retail schemes, office developments, industrial premises, hotels and housing.

His wide experience as a property developer in his own right has contributed to his success in project managing from start to finish many commercial development schemes throughout the country.  This has entailed site evaluation, design, construction,  management and liaising with all parties including planners, highway authorities and construction companies.


The Chairman

“Archie” is well experienced in property matters and has a good nose for finding development sites. Following his education with The Kennel Club he rose to prominence and became an Electra board member where his considerable talents have greatly benefitted the team.

In addition Electra has a team of professionals namely:

Groundwork Engineers; Electrical Engineers and Contractors; Building Contractors; Surveyors; Architects and Designers; Planning Consultants; CDM Consultants

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